Floaty featherbutt coatl from fr. (So many feathers this is going to take forever to finish but I am going to bed)
Ari's dragon, Orisime Mindahker.
Leafy Seadragon
I was inspired by a pretty leafy seadragon I saw the other day, they’re such fascinating little creatures!
Sieg, one of my dragons over on flight rising.

Anonymous asked you:

This took longer than expected, but hey lineart practice. Chinchilla gal has fabulous locks.
Ayyyy let’s all do random doodles of our babbins
A pencil sketch I did for Arctic, who did a lair review for my flight rising clan. (here is a link to the full sized image)
Would anyone be interested in sketches like these? Possibly for a little treasure/gems or in exchange for lair reviews?